How Mutual Funds Can Help You Start Investing

I hope you’ll read this post, but I’m nervous you may not. Why? Because the word “mutual fund” is in the headline. I mean, really, even if you’re into investing, talking about mutual funds is about as exciting as watching a turtle cross the road. But in recent reader polls, lots of people tell me […]

Betterment Review: The Way Investing Should Be

I’m a fan of simple, low cost, buy-and-hold investing. Traditionally, simple investing meant investing in index funds. These are securities that track the entire stock market or large sectors of it in a single low-cost investment. But even index investing isn’t that simple. There are thousands of index funds to choose from and index investors paying […]

Your Automatic Investment Plan

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve laid out three steps to help you build a hassle-free money management system: How to manage your spending without a traditional budget. How to create a bank account buffer™ to eliminate the risk of overdrafts. How to put your bills and savings on autopilot. What I’ve written is […]